If you run a small business and are in the process of establishing your online presence, you will want to keep several SEO related factors in mind. Search engine optimisation is an important part in the creation of any web content because it determines the ranking of the various pages on or related to your website. For you, the small business owner, this is especially important because you are not as large as the big corporations and probably don’t have the advertising budget that some of them do to throw in to promoting yourself both on and offline.

The best part of Internet advertising is the many free opportunities that are available to raise awareness and drive traffic to your site. Below are a few SEO tips that will help get you started.

Your website design is just as important as the business itself. If you have a physical location where products are sold or services are offered and are building a website to supplement your already existing business, your site should reflect the business you currently operate. If the business will be operated solely online, your site should represent who you are and what you offer in a way that keeps it all fresh and unique. Don’t be afraid to spend money on developing your site. If you aren’t able to build it yourself, consider finding someone who can. It will be an investment that was well worth the thought and time put into it, not to mention the money.

Site usability is another important consideration. While the site should look great, it is no good to you or anyone else if it is difficult to navigate. Placement is an important part of SEO and should not be ignored. The various elements of your site should be placed in such a way that makes them both aesthetically appealing and easy to use. If people have trouble completing a purchase they will not return to look at additional products. This is why site design and usability go hand in hand.

Site hosting is another important aspect of SEO. If you can’t afford to host your site it will not go up. The good news is the prices of hosting has come down quite a bit over the last few years so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a company to do this for you. When choosing a host, you want to select a company who will keep your site up and running as well as provide you with technical support when a problem occurs. The support you receive should be immediate. You don’t want to encounter a problem with the site on Monday and not have it resolved until Friday. This would mean active and potential customers could not access it for five days which could prove to be a monumental disaster where your business is concerned. Regarding SEO, you also would not want people to find your site through search engines only to find it unavailable when they click on the link to go there. If this happens, many users would deem it out of action and would not be likely to try again.

Creating a unique site that will sell your business is important, but SEO should not be ignored. The content is just as important as the appearance because it is the main aspect that the search engines pay attention to when ranking each page. The more smoothly the site is running, the more time you will have to pay attention to optimising the content and achieving higher rankings.

By: Paul Son

About the Author:

Paul Son is a consultant in Vertical Leap who has immense knowledge on ppc search engine promotion, ppc, pay per click advertising.

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