When it comes to Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO almost all website technicians have heard of it and wish that they could do it as well. Well guess what, SEO is possible to do to your website, you just have to keep in mind that SEO isn’t all the website is made up of. You will also have to keep up with the website in general and not focus too much on the SEO where the web page gets outdated.

First you have to focus on the keywords. A keyword is the word that you will be using a lot in the Web page text. In 250 word texts on your web page use the keyword about 5-15%, You may think that there is no such thing as using a keyword in your web page text too many times, but the truth is that you can. Using the keyword in your web page text too many time can create the negative effect from what you are wanting. You may discourage people away from your web page and they may not be able to find it if you use that keyword too many times.

When it comes to great SEO tips that work something else to concentrate on is maybe to find someone who will compose the SEO text for your website for you, you could pay a friend or family member a little bit of extra money to write the SEO text for you, make sure you tell them exactly what you want and what you are looking for and if the first time they mess up, or perhaps even the second time isn’t quit what you want, don’t discourage them away from it because at least you have the base of some type of SEO script to go by. Nothing will be the way you want it unless you do it, so of course there will be a bit of editing to do to an SEO if you have someone else do it.

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