A fully qualified and official SEO consultant should advise people on all facets of their search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Good marketing consultants are indeed a rare breed and difficult to find.

There is no question how valuable a talented and honest SEO consultant can be to your business. A good consultant will be able to make you aware of all the details of time scales, costs and every feature of online endorsement.

Additional benefits having a professional SEO include: assisting with appropriate keywords that are commonly searched for in the Internet business, modifying currently owned websites for search engines, rectifying and adding title, meta and alt tags.

A talented consultant should also be able to assist you with visitor behavior studies and web analytic development. This will help you to get the most out of your current traffic. This person can also help you to form and manage pay-per-click campaigns for business and alleviate the site structure to guarantee excellent search engine rankings.

There are several SEO consultants around who will gladly take your money, yet not give you the results promised. So how do you determine if a firm is selling you the real thing or snake oil? It’s important to know what questions to ask a potential SEO so that you can determine their competency.

Ask and check out his qualifications. The years of experience of this type of consultant isn’t a good metric to determine a person’s competence with SEO. It’s helpful to see his certifications such as a Google Advertising Professional.

Testimonials and references from clients are a great way to find out about the vendor. This information speaks volumes and the word of mouth is powerful. If the potential SEO adviser you would like to use is good, he should be able to provide a list of clients that he has helped. He should also have some positive testimonials.

Inquire about the mode of reporting and overall communication that you will be receiving. A professional SEO firm will have a work-flow in place of client/vendor deliveries and other expectations. It’s a must to understand all channels of contact.

What type of ranking will be guaranteed? If the answer is anything but “none,” look elsewhere. Usually a firm will say that ranking is important, but keywords, traffic and steady increases are more important. Then keep asking questions, and get references.

A good SEO firm will know that it is virtually impossible to guarantee a ranking and will help you to see the overall approach that can increase traffic.

What changes will be made on your website? This is a topic you will need to discuss thoroughly with the SEO consultant if you have complex navigation, pull-down menus, hierarchical trees, spiders, etc. Changes are crucial for SEO, especially to structure.

If you believe you have found a good SEO consultant then press forward to carry out the optimization process. If you are in doubt do not take the risk, most likely you will not receive additional traffic just additional expenses. Take the time and resources you need.

By: Courtney Tuttle

About the Author:

Court is an experienced SEO consultant that provides in depth SEO consulting and internet marketing information.

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