Search engine optimization is not an unfamiliar term for online entrepreneurs. You cannot do without search engine optimization, which is a very essential website promotional tool. Without the use of SEO your online business would be a sheer failure. Search engine optimization refers to updating or optimizing your website so as to improve the search engine ranking of your website so as to drive targeted traffic to your site. Though search engine optimization is an essential aspect of online business, it could turn out to be a time consuming as well as cost inefficient way of website optimization until certain plan of action are not resorted to. Certain SEO tips if resorted to could make the search engine optimization process a success.

SEO Tips:

1. A thorough research of targeted keyword by the use of keyword analyzer tool so that targeted traffic is generated to your site.

2. Unique Meta tags & Title tags should be used. This is very important from SEO point of view.

3. HTML sitemaps should be included in your site as they take into account links to the main pages of your website. They are important from search engine optimization point of view as they provide a focal point for search engines where spiders could locate them easily.

4. Proper Keyword density should be maintained & at the same time there should be strategic placement of keywords in your content so that the article should appear interesting & the readability is maintained.

5. Writing articles, which are not just unique & informative but at the same time should connect with the theme & be conversational in nature. Search engines like unique & good content for website optimization.

6. A good navigation channel should be planned for a site so that it could be reachable by the search engine spiders.

7. To lay emphasis on keywords, they should be underlined or written in italics.

8. Make use of the primary & secondary keywords in the header tags. Search engine pays a lot of relevance to the words in these tags.

9. The ALT tag must be used in all the images of the website, also keep in mind that the keywords must be used in the ALT tags.

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