Nobody wants to work 16 hours a day.

Nobody wants to be stuck at their computer, keeping their sites “alive”.

The reason most of us begin in internet marketing is because we are sick of killing ourselves 9-5, 5 days a week – just so that we can get 2 days off on the weekend, and 2 weeks per year paid vacation…

…We want freedom – we want free time and free money – so we can do whatever we want – driving fast cars and living in big houses, sailing around tropical island paradises, to just “being there” with our families – and doing it all without having to worry about setting the alarm clock for Monday morning.

But it’s how to make this “free time” and “spare money” that trips most people up.

The “Passive Income” Paradox

Most people try to create “free time” by working less – only to find that their “spare money” runs out very quickly when their websites are left to age and decay on their own…

…Or they create “spare money” by working harder – losing their “free time” in the process, trading one ball-and-chain job for another.

You probably know the solution already [hint: it’s getting other people to do the work to create profits for us] – but it might be “too difficult”, “too expensive”, “too risky”, “too time-consuming”, “too unprofitable”, “too stressful” or “too imperfect”.

That’s why I want to introduce you to Marc Lindsay and Daniel Turner.

The Masters Who Run Multi-Million Dollar Businesses on Outsourced Labour

Marc and Dan have built their multi-million dollar (per year) web empire using outsourcing.

They currently have over 140 websites, over 100 “staff”, 3 companies (including one of the world’s most respected SEO companies), and offices on 2 continents – and have several sites and companies that make 7-figures per year.

The Key is Their Systems

The brilliant part about Dan and Marc’s business is everything runs on systems.

That means Dan and Marc didn’t take on the role of being “outsourcing managers” as their new job title – everything runs by itself, according to the system.

And this means their businesses run themselves, grow themselves, improve themselves, and become more profitable – making Dan and Marc more and more money with practically no time and effort required.

Dan and Marc’s “Outsource Method”

If you want to find out more about how they did it, Daniel and Marc have just released their “Outsource Method” – their “how-to” guide that gives you the systems and techniques that they use in their own business.

It will show you how they started their business for $50 while they were flat broke – and how you can get started the same way (hiring staff who will take the load off you for just $50 per month).

The $1 Introductory Trial

The price will be going up to $995 on October 15th. But if you get in before Thursday, you can try the full course for $1 (paying $297 once-off in 10 days time if you like what you get.)

If you want to find out more, or get access to Dan and Marc’s Outsource Method at the $1 trial price, here’s our referrer link. (If you decide to keep the course, we make a commission.)

Alternatively, here’s the direct link if you prefer (using this one, we won’t see a cent).

Make sure you get it at the $1 introductory trial price (before Thursday October 15th) – this is incredible information that you won’t want to miss.

Since I met Marc and Dan in March 2008, I’ve hassled them for just snippets of this information whenever I’ve hit a business impasse – and the nuggets they’ve given me have been pure gold.

Tomorrow, I’m getting into a supercharged Mini Cooper S, and driving along the Great Ocean Road to an isolated cabin for a week-long vacation – I’m taking my copy away with me.

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