How important is SEO? Well! For starters, it can help you achieve high online visibility. Of course, this is not going to happen overnight just like “Rome was not built in a day”. So if you have a small business or a start-up company with a small online advertising budget then SEO is the best option you have. So where do you really begin? Depending on what your requirement is, you will need the services of SEO experts to guide you through the entire process so that you can manage your business and they can manage your website SEO.

There are hundreds and thousands of so-called SEO consultants but only a few are professional, reliable and experienced. Find the crème of SEO Experts can be a difficult job but here are some tips that will make your work easier:

Don’t fall for the tall SEO promises

There are several SEO consultants who make tall claims about their level of expertise. Some of them even claim that they have got websites number one ranking in the top search engines like Google or Yahoo within a few days. One of the favorite lines is, “I can get your articles submitted to hundreds of directories and it will make a major impact”. The truth is that firstly, no expert in SEO or SEM can ever guarantee number one ranking on any of the top search engines for a particular or set of popular keyword phrases, and absolutely nobody can guarantee this within a few days (unless this is a pay per click campaign). Secondly, there are only a few authentic and relevant submission directories over the internet where you can submit your content to enhance back-linking. The thought of the day is, “Don’t go for the promises, go for the facts!” You need a talented SEO firm to seek out quality links for you efficiently.

Website ranking of the SEO expert

SEO expert’s website is the first place you need to visit if you are planning an internet marketing campaign. All top SEO experts will have their own website with details regarding the services offered by them, their portfolio, client feedbacks, and a contact us page. The best way to check the authenticity and expertise of SEO consultants is by checking the ranking of their website. If their website is at the bottom of Google PageRank then they are probably not good enough and will not be able to offer positive assistance for your SEO campaign. Another important thing you need to check is if their website has been blacklisted by search engines like Google. There are many SEO specialists who have been blacklisted because they have used black hat SEO tactics and spamming for increasing web popularity and page ranking.

Reputation of SEO Consultant

There is a saying that “reputation always precedes the person.” In this case, you will need to ask the SEO consultants for client reference as well as read through any testimonials published on their website. You need to check the website of their clients and check their ranking on different search engines and over the internet. Most top SEO Experts will have no issues sharing their references.

Once you are satisfied with the response and the website, you can initiate the process of hiring an expert.

By: Joel McLaughlin

About the Author:

Joel McLaughlin found Dataflurry cheap web hosting services in 2001 under the name JDM Design; since then Dataflurry has grown. Joel looks forward to providing some of the best Cheap Hosting, Web Design, Internet Development and Search Engine Optimization.

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