While many people are hesitant to try article marketing, those who do, discover a powerful secret. It really works! Who would’ve thought that just writing and submitting articles to directories could bolster your traffic in a major way. When writing articles for improved search engine rank, these 5 steps will get you on track to writing great articles that get widely published and get massive links to your site and massive traffic.

1. Provide Quality Information

First of all, when you are writing articles to use for article marketing, it is important that your articles provide quality information to readers. If your articles are not informative, people won’t bother reading them and no one will want to publish them on their site (which is our whole goal). So, if you want to use article marketing for improved search engine ranks, you’ll need to be sure that quality information is provided in each and every article you submit to article directories.

2. Keep it Short. Keep it Simple

Writing for the online world is a lot different than writing for print markets. It is important that you keep your articles short and to the point. You need to keep the paragraphs short, the talk meaningful and interesting, and words that everyone can understand.

3. Headline’s Matter – Don’t Be Boring

The headline or title of your article is extremely important when it comes to article marketing. You need to make sure that you show the benefits in the title of the article to grab the reader’s attention and get them to read your article. If your title is generic instead of engaging you are dead in the water and no one will read your article or publish it on their site. So, if you want to reap those improved search engine rankings from article marketing, a great title is essential.

4. Article Directories – Distribution – Traffic

There are many great article directories out there, and many free. The popular article directories have heavy traffic and can really deliver great results. Article directories have a lot to offer you and can help you get the good search engine results that you desire.

5. Write Once and Double Your Efforts

Not only can you use your articles to submit to article directories, but you can (and should) use the articles you write as content on your site. So, you’ll actually be getting dual duty from out of each and every article you write. This means that not only will the inbound links help with improve search engine ranks, but the great content will help to make sure you get good rankings as well.

It’s really that simple. If you want more traffic for your site give article marketing a try today.

By: Bruce Nolan

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