Depending on what your web site is focused upon, search engine placement can be vital to getting traffic, hits and even sales. The higher you rank on a search engine, the more likely you are to obtain new visitors on a daily basis.

Search engine placement will depend a lot on the type of search engine potential customers use. Some search engines rely on advertising to drive their top spots. Others rely on the number of hits, or visitors, a site receives. Still others, scan relevant terms on different sites and rank their placement based on what a search engine user is looking for.

When it comes to search terms that help with ranking, the words are vital. Sites that successfully use popular key terms are generally placed high in the rankings, while those that don’t barely rank at all. The problem with this is figuring out how to use words to your advantage while setting up a web site. When this is done search rankings can be high.

To ensure you get decent rankings for your site, either pay to advertise it high on search engines, or consider keyword rich content that changes out from time to time to help improve your listings. Keyword rich content can be more cost effective than advertising, but it’s important to make sure your content is relevant and doesn’t try to hard sell.

To help improve placement, content should be:

* Relevant to the search. A web site that’s predominately dedicated to chicken, for example, shouldn’t have fifteen articles about dogs just because that happens to be a popular keyword search at the time.

* Content should be keyword rich, yet well written. Articles that are written simply to weave in keywords won’t generally get the best search placements. Keywords are those words that are commonly used by Internet users to seek out sites like yours. If you sell gifts online, for example, some of your keywords might be online shopping, online gifts, holiday gifts and so on.

* Content should make sense. Gibberish with keywords thrown in won’t get you a good placement. The content on a web site should make sense, be useable or valuable to readers and relevant.

* Content should be original. It’s important for your site to stand out from others on the same topic by offering fresh, interesting information. Don’t use plagiarized documents on your site and don’t just throw anything out there.

Search engine placement depends a lot on the search engine being used. But, when it comes to search engines that scan content for keywords, it’s important to make sure the content on your site is well written, keyword rich and relevant. The more attention you pay to your content, the better. You might be able to slide through some search engines for good placement, but most will reject articles that are not relevant, don’t make sense or are simply drafted to over saturate keywords.

Search engine placement is important for driving traffic to web sites. The more attention that goes into the creation of a site and the quality of its content, the better.

By: Ben Franklin

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