Running a business is tough, especially when you’re wearing a lot of hats.  You want to increase your website traffic, but aren’t sure how much of a return it will produce.  So you end up trying free methods and doing it yourself.  Even if you do everything correctly you will still need to spend a lot of time on your targeted website traffic generation, and this can cause some of your other ‘hats’ to be neglected.

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There are many aspects of natural search engine optimization that can be automated or outsourced.  As your time is valuable, you need to figure out which tasks can be outsourced for less than what your time is worth.  But be careful not to leave your targeted website traffic generation to the wrong person or you will be short on website traffic and long on frustration.

To really be a successful online selling business you need good internet marketing  techniques (Online Marketing eBook) and good people to carry out that plan.  The Online Selling Domination ebook gives you the plan for successful internet marketing SEO and now I’ll share with you the best source for outsourcing your natural search engine optimization and internet marketing techniques.

It’s called Odesk.  It’s an online "database" of workers that can fulfill your outsourcing needs.  Anyone from a graphic designer to a ‘virtual’ assistant can be found here.  You need customer service support for $5/hr?  – Odesk is where to go. 

Nearly every part of your natural search engine optimization plans can be outsourced on Odesk.  Article writing, RSS submission, Blog posts for backlinks, social networking account creation, and any type of SEO can all be handled by someone at Odesk.  All of it can be done yourself too, but if you want the same guaranteed web traffic while allocating your time elsewhere, you can always outsource some, if not all of the tasks.

You will of course need a specific plan to present to these individuals.  They are "virtual", but are no less "employees".  You will save money by hiring a virtual employee, but you still need to provide them with good instructions.  I will go into more detail on how to hire effectively using Odesk in my next post.  (Yes, there are other online outsourcing sites, but take it from someone who has tried them all, this is the best.  It is not perfect, but you will get the best and biggest selection of talent for your outsourcing dollar.)

For a complete natural search engine optimization and guaranteed web traffic system get Online Selling Dominaiton – online marketing ebook.  When you’re done reading you can decide what you will handle and what you want to outsource, then you can come back and learn how to make your outsourcing hires create big dividends with online marketing SEO!



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