You hear about a thing called ‘Google Search Engine Optimization’ and decide to give it a try. Before you start adding your keywords to each component of your pages and building links any way you can, take a step back and remind yourself of the old proverb,’sometimes less is more’. Google has changed for the website owner that is over-optimizing their site, and its called the Google’sandbox’.

The most blatant, and the traps that most beginning webmasters fall into, I think, is over-optimizing your on-page content and building too many low quality links too fast.

When you trip the filter, you are placed in the holding cell (‘sandbox’ ), because Google suspects you of attempting to manipulate the results. I also believe the toleration for over-optimization varies primarily based on the industry, so spammy industries like pharmaceutical drugs are much more sensitive to over-optimization than most.

At a WebmasterWorld meeting, Matt Cutts from Google said that there truly wasn’t a’sandbox’, but’the algorithm might affect some sites, under some circumstances, in a way a webmaster would understand as being sandboxed.’ this implies that avoiding the sandbox is just a matter of optimizing your internet site without tripping the filters in Googles algorithm. As the domain ages, most sites eventually gain enough’trust’ to flee the sandbox and instantly start ranking where they typically would. Remember that Google isn’t manually ranking every web site – in the final analysis it is simply a P. C.

Algorithm and people who may be able to score well in Googles algorithm WITHOUT tripping any filters will achieve top rankings and profit the most.

By: dechen

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