The goal of all webmasters is to ensure that their websites will be popular with the top search engines, continue to remain popular and secure top Search Engine Placement. To achieve this some of them instead of adopting White Hat SEO Techniques resort to adopting certain Black Hat SEO Techniques. Some of the Black Hat SEO Techniques adopted by certain website owners are, having hidden texts, stuffing keywords, cloaking, having doorway pages and duplicate sites.

These are illegal and unethical techniques. Their sites might achieve great short term success but once detected, the consequences can be drastic such as the search engines penalizing their websites or even banning them.

Website owners who play the game according to the guidelines and do not attempt to deceive the visitors and the search engines are said to employ White Hat SEO techniques. They adopt these techniques to give real value to their visitors first, while at the same time satisfying the search engines by some of the important techniques indicated below.

Quality Content:

It is a well known fact that Content is King. Hence creating quality content should be the prime concern. It should be related to the theme or category of your website and useful to your visitors. The more unique and rich the content is, the more it will be appreciated by your visitors. Unique quality content websites with authoritative articles always attract the search engines.

Webmasters too are often attracted by such content and they will be keen to link to your website to give their website visitors a great experience. This linking will provide you with one way inbound links which are greatly appreciated by the search engines and will have a positive impact on your search engine rankings. In addition you can expect a regular stream of visitors from these websites too.

Site Optimization:

Site optimization is of prime importance and should be done in the most effective manner to achieve high search engine placement. While providing useful and valuable theme related content to the visitor, the content should be optimized to attract the search engines. This is what site optimization is all about. The technique adopted here is to position your keywords or keyword phrases in the title, headlines, meta tags and also in the content so as to appear quite natural in the flow of the content. Avoid placing excessive keywords in the content. This is known as keyword stuffing and your site could be penalized for it.

Reciprocal Links:

Obtaining reciprocal links is one of the popular SEO techniques adopted by webmasters. Though reciprocal links are not very much in favor with the search engines these days because of certain unethical practices by certain webmasters, nevertheless they are very much appreciated if they are from quality theme related websites.

You should at all costs avoid Bad Neighborhoods. These are websites that have been penalized or banned by search engines. Similarly avoid Link Farms too. These sites have an assorted collection of hundreds of links in every page without any categorization and linked to each other. By linking to these sites you take the risk of being penalized by the search engines.


All these White Hat methods are no doubt a slow and painstaking process but if done systematically and patiently they will collectively help you achieve high search engine placement.

By: Kanaga Siva

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