Low Keyword Competition will Get You Quick Traffic, but You Want to Increase TARGETED Web Site Traffic for Maximize Profit


               You can spend so much time and effort finding keywords with the most traffic and least keyword competition that you overlook the most important part: Relevancy. Generating a lot of traffic to your website does not mean that you will make more money. If your keywords aren’t what your ideal prospect will use to find you, you cannot increase TARGETED web site traffic and your keywords will prove to be quite miserable at converting traffic into sales.  
So what you have to do is identify your ideal prospect.  Your ideal prospect is the one who needs your product, or service.  They are the whole reason you are in business.

To be sure you increase TARGETED web site traffic you need to qualify all of your keyword phrases before you settle on a final keyword list. 

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when qualifying your keywords for relevancy:

·         Are they relevant to what my business does? 
·         Does each keyword phrase make logical sense?
·         Would my target customer use these keywords to find me (my business)?

                To help you answer the third question you can type the keyword phrase into a search and evaluate your keyword competition. First, look at the organic search results and see what your keyword phrase competitors are selling and determine if your products/services are similar. Of course there will be varying types of businesses for some keywords, but you’ll be able to determine which ones seem to make the most sense.

                Also in the search results, quickly see what is being sold in the paid ads on the right hand side. (Keep in mind that every time you click one of these links someone is paying, so be nice and right click and open the link in a new window.) See if these businesses are offering similar products/services to you. If so, there’s a good chance that you have found a good keyword phrase that will increase your targeted web site traffic.

                Not all high traffic and low competition keywords will bring you more business. Traffic, yes, but if your visitors have come looking for something other than what you’re offering then they will quickly disappear. The only way to make money from your keywords is to be sure they match your business and that your customer is using them to find you. Use the information in this article and you can increase your TARGETED web site traffic.



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