The arrival of the internet has greatly revolutionized world communication and with the computers invading every nook and corner of metropolitan cities, the internet has slowly emerged as a popular source of data storage. For most individuals, any information is just a click away thanks to the presence of internet based search engine placements. In simple terms, a search engine functions by following a set of key words which allow them to derive all necessary information related to it available in the World Wide Web for the benefit of the users. In most cases these data are presented in the form of a series of web pages, other file formats and images and also occasionally as open directories or databases. Some of the prominent search engines functioning worldwide are Yahoo! Search, Google, Microsoft and Baidu. Most websites promote themselves to maximum capacity to ensure that they are visible and prioritized by the search engines which are known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM.

The internet based search engine placement helps the functioning of the internet search engines are dependent on several factors. There are primarily three significant processes by means of which the search engines placement aids the user. These three methods are: – indexing, web crawling and searching.

It is to be remembered in case of the search engine placement that all necessary information is acquired from the resources present within the World Wide Web which is comprised of millions of web pages. The search engine placements aid to recover the web pages available in the World Wide Web and when a key word is entered by the user in the search engine, it presents the information thus collected. This retrieval is made possible with the help of the Web Crawler which is a web browser. The search engine placements follow certain guidelines while displaying the information according to the user’s requirement. All search engines constantly update their web pages and therefore the user can be assured of receiving updated information. Once the matching web pages have been recovered, they are presented to the user in an index form on the computer screen and it is usually supplemented by title of the document, excerpts from the document containing the key words etc. The major search engines allow the use of the Boolean operators like ‘and’, ‘or’ to facilitate search results. For those users who are unsatisfied with the results, some search engines like Google provide ‘Advanced Search’ functions as well. All search results are made available according to their rate of accuracy to the key words.

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