Never, Ever, EVER begin optimizing your website unless you have proven that your keywords will do two things: 

1) Generate website traffic for your business

2) Attract only those prospects interested in what you’re selling

                Creating a list of keywords to use to optimize your website or blog is not a complicated task. That is, until you find out you have the wrong keywords.
                So, how do you find out if your keywords will attract the right prospects?   And more importantly, how do you do this quickly?!!

                The answer is pay-per-click, or PPC. By leveraging paid advertising through Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing you can quickly find whether or not your keywords will be profitable for your business.

To  set up a keyword test follow these steps:
  1. Set up a “Landing Page” with a lead-capture form that contains some kind of “offer” that you will give your visitor in exchange for his or her email address
  2. Break your keywords into related groups (you may want to use a free tool called Traffic Travis to do this)
  3. Create a campaign in your preferred PPC provider (Google often has promotions for $100 to use towards advertising) for your keyword  test
  4. Put your groups of keywords each in a separate “ad group” and write an ad for each (To get ideas for ads run a search for your keywords in the search engine and look at the competing advertisers ads) **NOTE: Make sure the ad is consistent with your offer on the landing page**
  5. Be sure to set a daily limit on your budget
  6. Let this test run for a week and then go back and evaluate your results.
               After a week look at the number of times each keyword prompted your ad to be displayed. Then look at the “click-through rate”. The number of displays will give you an idea of how popular each keyword phrase is, and the click-through rate will tell you how well searchers who input that particular keyword are attracted to your offer.

                If you do not have enough "clicks" (often caused by a low position in the results) you can run the test again for another week. But be sure to increase your bid by 25-50% for all keywords that are not in the top 4 positions.
                Utilizing this simple (and free if you get Google Adwords’ $100 credit) method of keyword conversion testing can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours you’d otherwise be wasting on keywords that just don’t convert for your particular business. Whether this is your first time at keyword selection or the hundredth, there is simply no reason not to go through this final keyword evaluation step.

                To see how to build a profitable keyword list from scratch watch this video and get my free DVD: “7 Secrets to Creating a Profitable Keyword List”.



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