The best search engine optimization advice I can give to anyone starting to market online is to rank your potential keywords based on profitability. 

To generate web site traffic you don’t need a huge list of keywords, you just need a few good ones. If you are already using some keywords test them first to see if you should continue to use them.

The data that you need for ranking your keywords are:

1)      the number of exact phrase match web pages  ( for more information on this click here: keyword competition)
2)      the average amount of traffic for each keyword phrase (for more information click here: keyword search volume)
Put this data in a spreadsheet across from each keyword in a separate column.

To sort this data correctly for keyword profitability you need to follow a couple of guidelines.

·         Google phrase match search results under 10,000 for keywords indicate a quick first page ranking (with proper optimization strategy)
·         Keywords with search volumes of at least 1000 per month, or 35 per day, can generate enough web site traffic to optimize for
Basically you can order your words in the spreadsheet according to the above metrics and remove those that do not qualify and then narrow them down further until you have 10-12 keyword phrases. This is done simply by first sorting your list by the least keyword competition, and then by the most keyword search volume.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind if you run into any trouble when trying to decide between words.

1)      If you have a product or service with a high price point you can optimize for words with lower search volumes because you don’t as many sales to profit. And avoiding competition only generates web site traffic faster. 

2)      When comparing a high competition, high search volume keyword to a low volume, low competition keyword the low competition keyword is always better (if it meets the minimum search volume criteria). Again, the faster you put yourself in a position where you can generate web site traffic, the more profitable you’ll be.

This is by no means an exhaustive study of keyword selection, but by using this method you will be able to quickly assess the value of your keywords.
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