Got a great comment today (actually it was from a while ago, but my blog comment settings flagged it – sorry, Vinny – so I didn’t get it until today). As it turns out my “Lead Generation Techniques” are not actually so; they are more of traffic and business –getting techniques. The distinction is minor, but important. You see, I don’t really spend any time differentiating because, for me, my traffic turns into leads automatically!

There is a simple way to make sure that your website visitors actually turn into leads. And it’s so important to tackle this right off the bat that I dedicated the first chapter of Online Selling Domination to just this topic. But I will spill the beans early so you can see what I mean.
But first you need to make a slight mind-shift in how you look at your “traffic” and “leads”. You want to do more than just generate traffic and get leads from your marketing; you want to get sales. And as such it helps to think of the visitors to your site as “guests” and the ones who volunteer to be on your mailing list as “clients”. That’s really what they are, aren’t they?

No one wants to be ‘bought and sold’ like a “lead”. What they really want is for you to create a relationship with them. And in order to do that you have to offer them value and earn their trust. It is really no different than creating a relationship offline.
So how do you do this online? Well, you begin by offering them something of value in order to get their attention. Once you have that they will gladly extend their hand by giving you their name and email address.  And Presto! You’ve turned your “traffic” into a “lead”!
You can offer value to your guests in a number of ways….
  • Give them FREE information (just think of what your target audience wants, create it, and give it to them).
  • Provide them with promotional discounts for your products or services (everyone sees value in a discount)
  • Send them a “Newsletter” – this is really just another way to say ‘free information’ but it actually gives the impression of more value (and you can combine many other marketing strategies with this to make it worth your while)
  • Allow them to become a “VIP Buyer” – create a list that gives early notifications of new products, or special offers (the more competition in the their field the more they will appreciate finding out about “it” first)
So this begs the question “How do you put this all together?”
It’s really quite simple. I use a great little program called Aweber to handle this for me. It allows you to create a “webform” that collects all of your guests-turned-clients’ info and stores it in a database from which you can market to them very easily.
If you don’t already have system by which to do this get an Aweber account and let them handle turning all your website traffic into leads automatically!
For detailed instructions on how to do this invest in Online Selling Domination (I believe it’s the fourth chapter that covers this) and stop worrying about the difference between traffic generation techniques and lead generation techniques!

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