Nothing, really.  Unless you know how to use it. 

So you get your website ’search engine optimized’, maybe you pay for, maybe you do it yourself, but then what?

You’re ranked in the search engines, but for what?  Are you ranked for "itty-bitty specs of dirt"? 

Oh, that’s just silly.  Who would get optimized for that?

Well, lots of people are throwing away thousands of dollars every year and wasting a lot of time getting optimized for words that are completely unrelated to their business.

The real question is, What words are my potential buyers using to search for me? 

That is what you really want to know.  What words are people using to search for your product or service?

So once you got yourself straightened out there, and you got yourself optimized, then the sales are just going to start adding up?..

Maybe.  If you’re selling water in the dessert!

Most likely, though, in this market you will have to work harder than just showing up on Google. 

What you really need to do is create yourself a ‘buyers list’.  Because last time I checked, emailing was free, (or relatively, depending on how you do it), and that is the only form of marketing that is.

So how the heck does SEO get you a buyers list?!? 


SEO is nothing by itself unless you are selling ad-space because that’s the only thing raw traffic is good for.  You need a complete system, including your own "ads" (promotions, incentives, ‘reasons to buy’, etc.) to sell your products and services.

That’s the great part about Online Selling Domination system. It covers not only SEO, but, also other traffic-generation tactics, keyword selection,  a system by which to convert traffic into leads, and a way to manage and market to them afterwards! 

Free online lead generation is just a click away!



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