In my opinion the following examples of website promotion are
the best ways to obtain an increase in traffic to your website.
I am a webmaster who has quite a few websites and I have to
say that article marketing has proven to be of great benefit
over the years. After reading numerous webmaster forums it
would seem that other people are enjoying great benefits from
this form of website promotion.

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1. Pay per click advertising.

Pay per click advertising is becoming more and more popular with programs such as Google adwords reporting more and more people signing up to their service. I personally use pay per click however the costs are increasing each month as it like a form of auction. There are better ways of attracting visitors which are also free.

2. Article marketing.

Writing articles such as this one is my favourite form of web promotion, it is a superb way of link building. There are a growing number of free content or article websites who are more than happy to receive your article. That is as long as it is a quality article and not just full of keywords. When other site owners choose to include your article on their website or blog this in turn then gives you a free backward link. The article websites which accept your article also creates an extra link. This form of backward link are believed to be of the most benefit as they are a 1 way link. With the explosion and likely long term popularity of blogs, which of course require content, articles are the future for obtaining links. People who are reading the article on the article websites are also potential visitors.

I have had some great success in promoting my egg donation and caught drink driving sites via article marketing.

3. Obtaining backward links.

If you are trying to gain extra traffic to your website, looking to increase your search engine position or hoping to increase your page rank, it is a must to increase the amount of backward links you have.

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