What is on page optimization?

On page optimization (on page SEO) are the techniques that you use, when designing your web pages to help make them Search Engine Friendly. A Search engines job is deliver their users with the most relevant site pages for any particular query. Maybe your website has a lot of material and is relevant to searches for your product, but it may not have been designed or written in a way that is search engine friendly. The correction of design mistakes and the re-writing of the websites text and meta tags is what is known as on-page search engine optimization.

The most important areas in on page optimizations can be listed as follows-
(1) Keyword Research
(2) Include your keyword in your Domain Name
(3) Use Title Tags and make sure they are different for all of your web pages
(4) Content optimization, keywords should be used at a density of around 6-8%
(5) Header Tags, ensure your top keywords sit within the h1, h2 and h3 tags
(6) Image Optimization use your image tags and include a keyword or phrase

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