Social Media Marketing is the way in 2010 to grow your business. Companies who are on board are already reporting they’re gaining strength in the marketplace through acquiring followers.  It’s a terrific opportunity to get traffic and leads, and the cost is little or nothing. If your business is not using Social Media, you need to get on board now before the bus departs. Social Media networks are increasingly replacing pay-per-click advertising as the favoured way to develop an online presence.

Anyone who sells products or services on the Internet should be getting into it. Social Media is ideal for getting that all-important targeted traffic, which you need in order to make your venture profitable. Twitter, as a microblogging platform, is a great tool to help put your business at the forefront; many companies (including Fortune 500 ones) have revealed that it was through use of such platforms that they have increased their profits. Internet marketing has changed, the emphasis now is strategy-based Social Media Marketing. Through the use of Social Media Marketing, it is now possible to build relationships, show that you are the expert in the field and push your ideas to more people than ever before. You need to be reaching and connecting with as many people as you can online, so that you can make them aware of your products or services. The more you can reach, the merrier! One trap to avoid which many people fall into: over- advertising. Do not just push your services or products at people straight away; it is better to develop relationships by letting people know more about you and what you’re about before actually marketing your product or service. Only then do you let them know what it is you actually do. You should devote around 80% of your social media use to finding and building relationships, engaging in conversation, sharing articles or posts and generally adding value. Only around 20% of your social media networking need be devoted to marketing your product or service.

The real bonus to using this method: it’s free! No advertising budget, you can be out there on the web reaching your audience and making contacts which were previously all but impossible to make up to now. It is fun, and an exciting new development. If you use Social Media properly, you’ll raise your profile in search engines and thus generate a lot more quality links. People will then find you more easily. The key phrase is ‘growing relationships’; it’s all about growing those relationships and if you can do that, your business will grow in tandem. And all of this is possible without spending a fortune on pay-per-click advertising!

Ronnie Soo has been in internet marketing since 2009; it is a rewarding venture although it shouldn’t be viewed simply as an earn money fast scheme. With appropriate training you can obtain a viable income from your home and earn money through internet

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