www.reelseo.com ?There are communities surrounding many social networks, but the engagement on YouTube is much different than the engagement creators experience on Facebook, blogs, Twitter, forums, and other places. We talk with a professional blogger, Nathan Engels of weusecoupons.com, about his experience with how the audience on YouTube is different from the audience on Facebook. We also talk about what brands and companies who are thinking about getting inovolved in online video marketing can expect when they start engaging on YouTube and how that experience may be different from what they’re used to in marketing on Facebook, blogs, Twitter, forums, or other social platforms. Check out Nathan online! www.youtube.com www.weusecoupons.com SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! http SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE RSS FEED feeds.feedburner.com SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST! rseo.co Creator’s Tip is a weekly show that helps online video producers with tips, tricks, advice, secrets, and suggestions for how to make their videos stand out on the web. LET’S CONNECT! www.facebook.com twitter.com gplus.to www.reelseo.com
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